Hi, I’m Jenna Ruhe.

I live in the Northwest corner of the natural state…the place where we call the hogs in the fall and ski away the summer on Beaver Lake. I was born here, and though I’ve tried out a few other states since then, Arkansas is where I want to be!

Since 2006, I have been married to Brandon, a big guy with a big heart, and a contagious zest for life. We have two sweet little girls, Vail and Winn and a crazy boxer, Moose. My cup overflows.

I have always loved anything house-related, especially home improvement. From an early age, I watched my parents fix up the houses we lived in. Transformation is an incredible thing. This has definitely translated into my life as an adult. I am a licensed realtor with Collier and Associates and co-owner of Simple Spaces with my mom, Laurie. I also love to buy houses that are in rough shape and transform them into comfortable homes for a new family.

I believe that home improvement = life improvement. Our homes are the single most important physical space in our lives. It’s the place where we reconnect, recharge, and relax.

Thanks for finding me. I hope you enjoy the transformations, DIY projects, and insight that you’ll find here. JENNA


A Modern Playhouse

It was time. We needed something in the backyard for Vail and her friends to play on. I did want it to be something I wouldn't mind looking at every day. While some of the commercial playsets look fine, I've seen a few that haven't aged well and we wanted something...

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Curbside Special

I love furniture with a story. I found this mid-century dresser on the side of the road in Mt. Sequoyah. The owner had no idea how to dispose of it and it was in terrible shape. It's nice to have confidence in your handy Dad. He loaded it up for me and we got to work....

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Flipping Fayetteville Part 2

One of the most gratifying things for me is transformation! This house had been a rental for years and was in big need of some TLC. Dad and I took on the project together and it turned out to be a great house for a sweet family of 5. [gallery size="full"...

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Flipping Fayetteville

I can mark that one off my bucket list. We flipped and sold our first house. There were days I hated it and days I loved it but overall, IT.WAS.FUN.

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5 Things to Consider When Buying a New Home

What do you enjoy doing? Do you love to entertain? A large kitchen would probably serve you well. Do you like to mountain bike or take walks with your family? Maybe quick access to trails or parks would be convenient for you. As far as function, do you have small kids that you need to see from the kitchen while you cook? If so, you probably want an open concept.

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