No more squandering your square footage

Something we run into quite often are people frustrated by the dysfunctional rooms in their home. (And by that I mean, rooms with no purpose!) We see beautiful spaces converted into mere storage for static stuff. Big or small, you pay for every square foot in your home, so why not utilize it?

The first step is just to determine the function that you want a particular room to serve, especially if you have any “extra rooms” in your house. How do they fit into your lifestyle? Do you envision a cozy reading nook? A lovely room that inspires you to create? A great place to work out?  The next step is to clear the clutter and start making your vision a reality!

Here, a cluttered corner of a master bedroom becomes a place to read and unwind at the end of the day.



An overwhelming room of floor hazards turned into a fun space for sewing and scrapbooking!



I have even been guilty of the same thing in my own home. For over a year our sunroom was a nothing but a glorified doghouse and pass through to the backyard. Now it’s an open, light area for me to work on all of my projects. And, fortunately, not too difficult to clean up when company comes over!


So, don’t squander your square footage…and also, don’t leave your dog unattended with wet paint. 🙂


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