Simplify by choosing quality over quantity

One of the easiest ways to simplify your home is to control the influx. We live in a world where more is better, but I personally think that better is better. Do you really need those 4 can openers? 27 pairs of flip-flops? 3 printers? 8 sets of dishes? The answer is probably no.


I’m fortunate that my husband and I have the same philosophy. If we’re going to make a purchase, it will usually be among the best you can buy. Why? Because if you buy good quality things, they last longer and you only need one (or a few in the case of the flip-flops!)

Even most people in fashion would tell you the same applies with clothing. Spend more on some of the classic pieces that you will wear often and you can eliminate the 10 cheap ones that take up valuable closet space.


Choose quality over quantity and simplify your home. Save money in the long run and spend less time looking for the one you need!

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