The award for ugliest bathroom in America goes to…

That’s right, we win. In fact, we even sent a video to HGTV…I still can’t believe they didn’t pick us! We decided it’s time to start our master renovation, we’re tired of the ugliness. Here it is.


First we came up with a plan. We didn’t like the current location of the shower (behind the door.) We also didn’t like the tub, all it was good for was collecting dust. So, we decided to move the new, bigger shower to where the tub was. We did all of the demo ourselves. We ripped out the tub, took up all of the tile, peeled off the painted over wallpaper, and ripped out the shower tile and backing down to the studs.


We also decided that we did not like the shape of the window. It was funky and we wanted to open it up. My husband and my dad knocked out the window and actually had to cut some of the exterior brick in order to make the window a standard rectangle. We lived for 3 weeks with just some classy plywood over the opening.


Now that the demo is complete, we  have brought in a professional. He has put up most of the durock (a cement board backing for the shower), installed the new rain glass window, and poured the new shower floor.


Here is the tile we picked out, we went with a modern, sleek 12×24 in a greyish brown.


The next steps for the professional are tiling the shower and the floor, drywalling the old shower area, and finishing out the brick on the exterior.


Here’s what we will be doing ourselves – painting the vanity, cabinets, and trim; installing the new countertop and light fixtures; painting the walls; installing new hardware and plumbing fixtures; putting in an exhaust fan; and installing open shelving where the old shower was.

Also, rather than paying for a roll-off or sending things to the landfill during our renovation, we have been using Craigslist. You would be surprised what people will take off your hands. Under the “free” section I posted our bathtub, old vanity, and even our toilet! Within hours it was all picked up and out of our way.

It’s been a lot of work but will definitely be worth it. Stay tuned for the end result!

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  1. At least your bathroom didn’t have padded fabric walls. My husband and I live in the house he grew up in. Sometime in the 70s or 80s his mother got the big idea to staple a very large scale cowrie shell batik print (in pumpkin orange, mustard yellow, and dookie brown) to the walls in the bathroom. Thank goodness there was white tile going halfway up the wall…. Even so, that awful print STPALED to ourwalls, and layered over quilt batting so it was padded!!! When we took it out, we had to remove about a jillion staples from the walls.

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