Clothes, clothes, and more clothes! Part 1

A very common denominator with many of our clients is piles and piles of clothes. It seems to be a roadblock for many people to getting and staying organized. I think the simple truth is that we just have too many! Too many clothes that don’t fit anymore or those that are out of style or out of season are taking up prime real estate in our closets…or the floor, or the bed, or everywhere.


After sorting through all of this clothing and what was in the closet, we came up with several bags for donations. Now all of the clothes fit comfortably in the closet and the bed and floor are clear.2-bedroom-after

One of our favorite organizers and authors is Peter Walsh. He says that we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time.



Are you inspired to tackle your clothing? Start by taking everything out. We always tell people it gets worse before it gets better. Your closet will probably look like it just threw up but it’s vital to see everything you have.

Start sorting and making piles. You need a box or big trash bag for donations or consignments. I like to use the under bed clear containers to store my out of season clothes and get them out of my closet for more space. Put like items with like items and once you have decided what can go, then you can start putting everything back in an organized, logical way.

The end of a season is the perfect time to work on your closet. And…while you work, remember the wise words of Peter Walsh – “You should only have clothes in your closet that you love, fit you well now, and make you feel good when you wear them!”

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