Clothes part 2…Advice from a stylist!

My mom and I can organize a closet. We can help people make decisions and purge, we can put like things together, and we can make it look nice…but we cannot tell our clients what they should have in their closets. That’s the job of a stylist…and luckily, my best friend is one!

Blair Ver Meer lives in Denver and she’s awesome…really. I wish she lived closer for many reasons but also so she could do a full “wardrobe edit” on my own closet. I decided to pick her brain from afar and she provided some great tips for what specifically makes a great wardrobe. She has a degree from Baylor University with an emphasis in Fashion Merchandising. She has worked as an executive intern for Dillards and has experience as an Image Consultant.


Here’s what she had to say:

Less is more when it comes to the amount of items in your wardrobe. If you find pieces that you “forgot you had” then it’s time to scale down. Get rid of items you didn’t wear last season. Reevaluate the condition of your clothes; people generally perceive their clothes as the day they bought them, but over time and through several washes they tend to lose their shape, pill, and fade. Watch out for fading especially with black as it is the most obvious.

Remove all items from your closet that need attention – missing a button, need tailoring, have a hole, etc, and either repair them asap or donate them. Avoid online shopping unless the shipping is free or low in cost as most items look different on the models than on you. This is an easy way to get “stuck” with items you like the idea of but will never wear. If you’re concerned about the financial loss, try consigning at a local store or eBay to recoup a portion of the cost. If there are clothes that do not fit, due to weight gain or loss, remove them from your closet, put them in a rubbermaid tub, and set a calendar date (6 months) to see if they fit again. If they don’t (and they probably won’t) then ditch them.

It’s better to invest in high quality items, and to avoid places where everything is on sale always. Avoid buy 2 get 1 free deals, you usually don’t want 3 of the same item in different colors, unless it’s something unidentifiable like work pants for example. Invest in jackets and blazers as they give more style to any outfit and are usually quite versatile, and offer more bang for your buck than say a cardigan. Sweaters are usually the first to wear out due to the nature of the material, so don’t put all your money towards that.

Take into account your lifestyle and budget. Casual doesn’t mean sloppy. Your closet should be 80% classic, 20% trend, otherwise you’ll look like you’re trying to hard. And, remember that there is no such thing as a one size fits all perfect wardrobe!

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