Thrift store find = Upgraded office

I was out hunting for furniture last weekend and found a great new desk for my office. Sometimes I really don’t get the pricing logic in the thrift stores that I frequent. I spotted the desk as soon as I walked in and as I approached it, I anticipated a high price tag. After all, it was next to a particle board dresser that was practically falling apart for $175!  Way overpriced in my book. When I saw that it was only $55, I knew it had to have a huge flaw.  I couldn’t believe it… the drawers all worked great, the legs didn’t wobble, it had no giant gouges, and it was solid oak. It was too good to be true.


I knew I had found a gem and just couldn’t part with it, plus I didn’t realize just how much I needed a bigger desk.

Home offices are spaces that many people don’t give much thought to when it comes to decorating and organizing. In reality, they’re actually very important. With Simple Spaces, we tackle quite a few home offices and sometimes those are the most satisfied clients. People say how much more productive, creative, and motivated they are in a functional, attractive office space.

Here is my old desk. I remember my parents buying  this for me at Pier One when I was 20 for my first apartment in college. Since then, it has traveled with me to 5 different homes and now that I have a good-sized office, I think it’s ok to let it go. I don’t like visual clutter and so I was stuffing way too much stuff in the one little drawer. I also had my office supplies stored in a closet in another room..and of course, when I got up to get something I would be distracted by another task.


I decided to paint the desk a chalky matte black called Tricorn Black from Sherwin Williams. I really like using this color on light oak colored furniture because I think it looks great when it comes through the paint. I slightly distressed the edges and the detailed parts. And, I kept the original, industrial hardware.

Now I have all of my office supplies in one spot, ample surface area to write and spread out documents, and drawers to conceal it all when I’m done! A small investment for a big office upgrade!




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  1. Jenna,

    Wow, that is a nice find. It’s a little like my living room desk, which I really like.

    Can’t wait to see it!



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