New Years Resolutions Choices

Getting organized is one of the top ten most common New Year’s Resolutions that people make. Therefore, it must also be one of the most commonly broken resolutions. According to Psychology Today, only about 10 percent of people who make a New Year’s Resolution have stuck to them one year later.

So what’s the point? Well how about instead of a resolution, we call it a choice.

This intention and choice can easily apply to our homes and how we live in them. If we want a better quality of life, we have to consciously make the choice to get our home and life organized. And, we have to choose to keep them that way.

Here are a few choices that I have settled on and if you’re looking for a better 2013, I hope you’ll do the same!

I choose…to only have things in my home that I use and I love.

I choose…my family over my stuff.

I choose…to clear out the clutter on a regular basis.

I choose…to be mindful of the things that enter my home.

I choose…to put things back after I use them.

That’s it. If you choose those things and stick to them, you can live a more organized life…a better life!

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  1. Jenna, to make choices instead of resolutions is a great idea. The choices are “from now on,” not just for the new year. Since you and Laurie were here at our house working with us, we have made many of the choices you suggest. We went out and bought a lot of clear plastic bins and organized our closets, and brought in furniture that will help us organize the clutter that was in our dining room. We use the SPACE acronym you taught us as we clean out closets and shelves and the house is feeling much more livable and beautiful. Thanks so much!

    Judi and Ellis

  2. Judi, that is so great to hear! We love equipping and motivating people to live a simpler, more organized, and more enjoyable life! Happy New Year to you and Ellis!

    • You know, I came into work today and realized that while it is already pretty organized, there is a lot more I can do here with what you taught us. Thanks!

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