Living and living well

One of my favorite songs ever is by George Strait – Living and living well. The song is really about how you can have it all but none of it matters if you’re all by yourself and don’t have anyone to share it with. There’s definitely a lot of truth in that, but I’ve always thought that phrase to mean even more than George intended.

I think there really is a big difference in living and living well. Which one are you doing? I feel like a lot of people are just doing what they can to get through each day. Why are so many days filled with dreaded responsibilities and wished away weekdays?

In my 28 years, I’ve come to think there are two primary differences between living and living well…balance and gratitude.

It can be hard but we all have to keep a good balance between work, our commitments, and everything else in our life.  Any area of our life can get unbalanced, and when one thing takes an overwhelming priority, other areas in our life suffer; maybe even our health or our relationships. One of my favorite things my husband has taught me is that sometimes it’s ok to just do nothing…absolutely nothing.

The other living well lesson, I owe my parents for – gratitude. I think when we’re doing it right, we see and appreciate the value of the people and the things in our lives…everyday. Nothing is ever perfect, but there is always something to be grateful for.

If you can, think about what it would take for you to find balance and gratitude and let that be your difference in living and living well. Thanks for the wisdom George.

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