Out with the old, ready for the new

We are officially living on concrete! You know your carpet was bad when you actually prefer living on your slab. Our house was built in 1990 and we’re pretty sure it may have been original carpet. We’re having a baby girl in August and the thought of her learning to crawl on it really motivated us to get some new flooring.


I don’t mind carpet at all, in fact it can be very cozy and comfortable; but, we decided that with a baby on the way and an 85 pound dog who does occasionally come inside, that we wouldn’t put any back in the house. So, we have chosen an ash colored laminate from Germany to go in our dining room, entry, living room, hallway, both offices, and bedrooms. We have already replaced the tile in two of our bathrooms and will eventually be replacing the tile in our kitchen and laundry room. Although we will definitely need to invest in some rugs to warm things up, I’m happy with our choice and I really wanted to keep the types and styles of floor coverings in our house to a minimum (there will be only the laminate and the same tile throughout.)


After we picked out our flooring, we started to rip out the carpet. (And by we, I mean Brandon, with some help from my dad!) They rolled it up and kept the carpet and the pad as in tact as possible. I posted it on Craigslist in the free section a few rooms at a time and we had it all picked up the same day. We didn’t have to worry about how or where to haul it to and someone else got some extra carpet they could use.



We scraped the glue from the concrete and he grinded the nails down where the tack strips were to smooth it out. The most difficult part was the tile he had to remove from the entry, fireplace, and back door area. After a long, labor-filled weekend it’s now all pulled up, hauled off, and cleaned up. It’s time to start laying the new floors and getting our house back together!


One other recent project we did was to remove the pergola on the back of our house. I didn’t mind how it looked and it did provide some shade in our sunroom but the painted wood was starting to rot. We took it down a week before our city spring cleanup so that we would have the means of disposing of it. I did however, put the green shades for free on craigslist so that was one less thing to go to the landfill. I’m really happy with the cleaner look on the back of the house.




Soon I will be sharing the progress on our baby’s bedroom and bathroom as they get completed. We have a busy few months planned so that we can rest and enjoy our baby when she gets here. Thanks for watching our progress and transformations!

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  1. Jenna this is such an inspiration! Your family is a rejuvenator/irganizer’s dream-come-true. Love the projects you are NOT intimidated by! Keep us posted 😉

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