Something’s Gotta Give

The more clients we work with, the more we see the prevalent struggle with not just an excess of physical clutter, but an excess of mental clutter. We see disorganized homes that often go hand in hand with disorganized schedules. The common denominator is too much stuff and the simple answer is usually that “Something’s gotta give”.

We just took Julie Morgenstern’s class – Time Management from the Inside Out, and her book, by the same name, is one that we highly recommend. Some of the same rules apply to organizing your physical space as organizing your mental space.

A great place to start is to determine where all of the hours in your day are going. Do a time map of your typical day. Also, it’s very important to be realistic about how long different tasks take you. You have to make sure you are allotting enough time to each given activity or task. And, just like your stuff in your physical space, tasks need a home or chaos ensues.

If you have an issue with time management, you may need to rearrange and reprioritize your schedule. Many times, there is just not enough time in the day to accomplish the things we need to do to be efficient and productive, whether you are a CEO or a stay at home mom. When you do your time map, take a step back and reevaluate your schedule. Is there something you can cut out? Make sure you have clear goals on what is important to you, otherwise you will say yes to anything that comes your way. As Julie reminded us, good time management means creating days that are meaningful and rewarding!

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