We’ve got it covered

I used to get tired of something in my house and before you knew it, it was either torn out and discarded, in a pile at Goodwill or posted on Craigslist. And, some of my things definitely still do end up there; but, I’ve also learned how to keep them around longer by simply changing the look. This can be accomplished using paint or even fabric. Is there something that you want to replace but instead could just be inexpensively transformed? Here are a few of my “cover-ups”.

Most recently, we were going to chip out the tile around the fireplace and replace it. It was going to be a big mess, a huge hassle, and a significant expense. Instead, we just painted it! Most people don’t know that you can actually paint ceramic tile. Personally, I wouldn’t want to tackle a whole floor or shower, but a fireplace with minimal contact seemed like the perfect place to try it out. You do have to use a special bonding primer but after that step, it’s relatively simple.



Large pieces of art can be expensive and I wasn’t quite ready to part with this big piece. However, after a few years, I was really tired of it. I took the measurements, bought a cheap geometric pattered curtain from Lowes and recovered it.



This piece was definitely on it’s way to Goodwill. My parents found this in the trash over 20 years ago and used it for many different things throughout the years. Most recently, they used it for shoe storage in the garage, but didn’t need it anymore. My husband drilled holes in the back and now it’s the perfect storage piece for speakers, patio and paint supplies for our sunroom. I painted it white and changed out the knobs. It was rescued once again!



Another change I made in the sunroom was to spray paint the ceiling fans. I’ve replaced several of the ones in the house but didn’t think I needed to do so in the sunroom, I just wanted them to be inconspicuous. We needed them out there but they definitely didn’t need to be a focal point. Another simple fix.



Take a look around your house, what is it you’ve been wanting to replace? Can it be “covered up”?

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