We’re Floored!

Our new floor is finally in! After a few weeks of tile and carpet tear out, followed by a few more of living on concrete, it feels so good to have a permanent, clean floor. We opted for a high quality laminate because of cost and durability and are very happy with it. Now we just need a few rugs!

We did a lot of the labor ourselves, including the tear out and painting the quarter round trim that went in last but we did decide to hire someone to do the actual installing. We definitely wanted it done right the first time and didn’t want to run into any problems later on.







We also went ahead and replaced the tile in our hall bathroom (it’s the same 12×24 tiles that are also in our master bath). My husband repainted the walls a bright white and we replaced the toilet and the framed mirror with a modern, floating one.



The baby’s room is next!

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