The Power of a Deadline

Last week we did a presentation on organizing and time management at the Chamber of Commerce for entrepreneurs and business people. Sometimes, having an organized, effective schedule is just as important as having an organized living space. The things on our calendar need a “home” just like the lightbulbs in our utility closet or the extra blankets in our family room. Getting things done requires a clear understanding of how long things take, giving yourself a realistic workload, having clear goals and priorities, and controlling the distractions.

When it comes to time management and overcoming procrastination, I have personally realized how much power there is in a deadline. Whether it’s one that is established for you, or one that you create yourself, deadlines can be a great way to keep yourself on track.

We have a baby due at the end of this month and I’m not sure my husband and I have ever accomplished so much in so little time. Suddenly, that list of things we “should do someday” became the things that “needed to get done”. There were some big tasks – like refinancing our home, putting down new floors, and transforming our office and guest rooms to accommodate our new addition. But, there was also a long list of small tasks – like taking our dog to the vet, touching up our baseboards, organizing our digital photos, and cleaning out our attic that all got accomplished as well.

So, what have you been putting off? What kind of deadline can you set for yourself to just get it done? Creating a deadline and sticking to it is setting yourself up for time management success!

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