Keep the Merry in your Christmas

When it comes to Christmas, there can be a lot of pressure. Our Pinterest-perfect world is exhausting. We have to buy it all, do it all, and be it all. This year, ask yourself why? Why do you take 10 trips to Hobby Lobby to get your décor just right? Why do you buy out the grocery store baking aisle? Why do you spend the entire month of December wrapping?

It’s one thing if you enjoy what you’re doing….then by all means – wrap, decorate, and bake away! But, if you don’t enjoy it and you’re doing it just because you think you should or you have to, then I give you permission to stop.

I can’t wrap a gift to save my life. I can’t even make tissue paper in a gift bag look pretty, but hey, my family doesn’t care…and I do put effort into picking the gift. It’s also safe to say that baking isn’t my thing either, I mess up a box of brownies. The rules are too rigid, no room for creativity. On the other hand, my mom is great at both those things and she does them because she enjoys it. I would rather have a fire and put lights up in the backyard with my husband or drink wine and watch Home Alone with my sister.

So, how do you like to celebrate the Christmas season? What is it you enjoy? Pick just a few things and as always, I hope you remember the reason for the season. As for the rest of my December day? I think I’ll throw something in a gift bag, light a vanilla scented candle and call it a day. Keep the Merry in your Christmas!

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