Last Fan Standing

The last dated light fixture in our house is finally gone. It turns out that it looks much better on display at the Habitat ReStore than it did in my office!

My husband bought a new light fixture for me for Christmas. (I remind him often how lucky he is that I ask for practical things that benefit us both!) As I mentioned before, we got all of the popcorn ceilings in our house scraped, textured, and painted. Since Brandon had to take down every light fixture in the house for them to do that, we waited until it was done to put up the new one. And, it looks much better on a clean ceiling!



Here are two photos of the office right before we moved in.



Four years ago, I painted my office Homestead Brown from Sherwin Williams. I really have enjoyed it, but I wanted a new contemporary look and I bravely decided to go with black! (Tricorn Black from Sherwin Williams). I was ok with this for a few reasons. This room faces west and has a huge window so it gets a lot of natural light. Also, it’s not a big room or a primary use room, and the wall of built-ins breaks up the monotony of dark with light.



Lastly, I spray painted the storage boxes that I have on my shelves and the makeover was complete. I love my new simple, black and white workspace!


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