10 ways to stage your own home

When we stage a home, our goal is to enhance the positive features of the home and not to distract the potential buyer with clutter, less is so much more and good flow is key.

If you’re ready to put your house on the market, you only get one chance to make a good first impression and here are 10 ways you can stage your own home.

1. Do not block doorways or windows, natural light, minimal window treatments
2. Convey spaciousness – leave wide walkways between and around furniture, don’t have an enormous coffee table taking up half your living room
3. Clean, clean, clean
4. Fix the small things – squeaky doors, recaulk bathrooms, spackle and repaint holes…because if that buyer sees small fixes that were neglected, they’re going to wonder about the big fixes that they don’t see.
5. Focus on the entry – homegain.com says a buyer has already made a decision within 90 seconds of entering the home, plus they have time to linger on the porch and look around while the agent obtains the key.pot of flowers, nice welcome mat
6. Be ok with bare – every wall doesn’t need a picture, and every corner doesn’t need a piece of furniture – they’re not there to see the furniture and décor that don’t come with the house, they’re there to see your crown molding, your hardwood floors, and your granite countertops!
7. Take half the stuff out of your closets & cabinets – we never advocate people getting a storage unit, but, this may be an appropriate time to do so…or better yet, just do a big clean-out of things you don’t need and donate them. Potential buyers will open cabinets and doors and to most of them, storage is of great importance! If they are jam-packed, it appears that there is not enough storage in the house.
8. Don’t let pets be a problem
9. Master Bedroom Oasis – when you stage your home, think in terms of not just selling a house, but selling a lifestyle as well. Most people are buying a home to enhance their life and a relaxing master bedroom is a huge selling feature. Make sure it’s appeals to both sexes by not making it too gender specific. Clear those 15 books of your nightstand, take down the family pictures, and invest in some new bedding,
10. Define spaces – a lot of potential buyers have a hard time visualizing what certain rooms or nooks can be used for. Do you have a huge living room with a whole corner of wasted space? An unused extra room filled with boxes? Stage it as a home office. Define spaces and give people ideas of what they can use each and every room for.

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  1. really great list, stands out among many others that are out there, and the items are DOable and well-considered. Thank you!

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