Heart of the Home

Our kitchen remodel has been done for a while now, we’ve just been busy enjoying it! It’s hard to believe how different it looks from when we moved in. It felt so dark and closed in and all I wanted was the exact opposite of that.

Kitchen  1 Before Kitchen 1 after

In the beginning, we were planning to salvage our existing cabinets and got a couple of quotes on painting them white. (This was too big and messy of a project and one I didn’t want to tackle myself!) The bids seemed high because of all that would needed to be done just to prep them for painting, new hardware, and hidden hinges. That’s when we got a few more quotes on replacing the cabinets completely and were surprised that it was actually an affordable option. In addition to that, the quote to paint the cabinets came down because they would be raw wood and much less prep work would be required.

Kitchen 2 before 2015-06-30 12.23.31

Since the cabinets would be replaced, we were able to consider function and design. We chose a poplar wood cabinet (ideal for painting) and opted for a basic shaker style. It’s not a huge kitchen to begin with and we had lost 3 cabinets when the wall came down so the new ones needed to be well utilized. We added slide-out drawers behind the long cabinet underneath the microwave and opted for single longer drawers rather than two smaller ones side-by-side to capitalize on space. I also wanted drawers on most of the lowers rather than two doors with a shelf inside. And, our new cabinets go all the way to the ceiling which adds quite a bit more storage.


2015-06-30 12.22.37

My favorite parts of the new kitchen are the open wall and the open shelves. I love being able to see my family or guests while I cook. I also really appreciate the convenience of the open shelving. We use the same white dishes and clear glasses every day.  They look nice enough and it made sense for them to be as accessible as possible.

Kitchen 4 before Kitchen 4 after

The counter tops are white quartz, the backsplash is Carrera marble, and my dad and husband installed several can lights and a Frigidaire hood vent. There were weeks that I had to do dishes in the bathtub, days of endless drywall dust, and more than one meltdown…but in the end, we’re very happy with how it turned out. If any room in the house was worth it, this is it! It’s the place where our hectic days begin over coffee, where we introduce our daughter to new food, and where we talk about our days over a glass of wine in the evening. It truly is the heart of our home!



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