An Abundant Life

Todays post was written by my mom, Laurie. She knows her calling and spends her days helping people to live their best life. My mom spent years pouring into my sister and me, supporting my dad in his career, and taking care of her mother. At 48, she went back and got her degree and has been learning, encouraging others, and following what she loves ever since. We have co-owned Simple Spaces since 2010 and she is also a trained life coach pursuing her International Coach Federation credential. She is a wise and generous person and if you don’t know her… you should.


As a professional organizer I see all of kinds of physical clutter BUT before we can clear the physical clutter we need to focus on the mental clutter. I believe mental clutter comes in 3 forms – regretting the past, comparing yourself to others, and negative self-talk. All of these keep you from moving forward and living the best life you can. One of my favorite Bible verses is from John 10:10. “I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance.” It’s time to clear the mental clutter and start living abundantly.

First, realize that having regrets does nothing to move you forward but holds you back from enjoying life. You can’t change what has happened in the past so decide today to let go of those regrets. Forget what lies behind and press on to the new things that are waiting for you.

The second type of mental clutter is comparing yourself to others. It’s when we look at others and feel inferior or try and be more like other people. When we do that we are cheating ourselves and those around us. Find the path that was intended specifically for you and embrace it. You won’t succeed at being anyone other than yourself.

Lastly, negative self-talk is one that really holds us back from living a fantastic life. When you think “I don’t measure up” or “I’ll never be good enough to accomplish great things”, you really are stifling yourself and your potential. A great technique is self-awareness. It stops us in our tracks and when we acknowledge those bad views of ourselves we can make an intentional decision to stop allowing those thoughts to shape our present and our future.

I am very familiar with mental clutter on a personal level. I have experienced all three forms in my life. Today, I recognize them and realize that they don’t move me forward or help me enjoy my life. I have forgotten the past, embraced who I am, and focused on only thinking and speaking positively of myself. It’s the key to an abundant life and you can have it too!            – Laurie Malloy


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