Why I Love New Year’s Resolutions

Just the other day, my typically optimistic husband was sharing his disdain for New Year’s resolutions. “Why do people resolve to do something that they may give up by March anyway?” he said. While I must say he has a point, I personally don’t see any harm in reflecting on the year behind us and focusing on what we’d like to change or improve on in 2016…and hopefully it sticks!

There’s something about that 1-1 on the calendar that marks such a clear new beginning. It’s a chance to put the disappointments, the struggles, and the bad memories of the prior year behind us.


Here are 3 resolutions that I like for 2016.

  1. Be more intentional about what comes into your home – whether that’s clutter, trash that’s on tv, or even people!
  2. Make a commitment to be more present with your family and friends when you’re together (put the phone down)
  3. Learn something. Read or take a class. Be teachable and expand your understanding in a particular area.

Let’s not waste the opportunity that New Year’s Day brings to start afresh. And Happy 2016, may it be your best yet!



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