Flipping Fayetteville

I can mark that one off my bucket list. We flipped and sold our first house. There were days I hated it and days I loved it but overall, IT.WAS.FUN. Here are the before and after pictures of our 100 day project. We did a lot of it ourselves, with some really talented help (dad) and a few good contractors along the way. I got strangely attached to this cute little house, and in terms of being a rewarding experience, it wins. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer buyer. I would love to do another one, but for now…we rest.

2016-03-17 14.14.05-1

Front Before Labor

Front after 2

Porch before

Porch after

Front door before

Front door after

Redbud Flip03-05-16_065

After flip pics 06-30-16_001b

living room before

living room after

Kitchen 1 before

kitchen 1 after

Redbud Flip03-05-16_116

After flip pics 06-30-16_058b

kitchen 2 before

kitchen 2 after

kitchen wall before 2

Kitchen Wall Labor

kitchen wall after 2

Roll off labor

Rolloff After

Laundry Before

laundry after

Bath before

Bathroom after

backyard shed 2 before

backyard shed before

2016-03-19 09.42.30

backyard 5 before

backyard 5 after

backyard 4 before

backyard 4 after

backyard 3 before

Backyard 3 after

backyard 1 before

backyard 1 after

backyard 4 before

Side door after

bedroom 2 before 1

bedroom 2 after 2

bedroom 2 before

Bedroom 2 after

garage window before

garage window after

garage back before

garage back after

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